Who is this game recommended for?
Pirate Cave Escape Room is only for adults and children over 12. It is an interactive adventure for families, an entertaining game for a group of friends, and an useful team building exercise for companies.

Is the game scary?
As you get closer to reaching the goal, you will experience a rush of adrenalin!

How does Pirate Cave Escape Room look?
Watch the video, or look at the photos, and you will see what an adventurous place the Pirate Cave is! Many players have claimed that it felt like Fort Boyard or Disneyland, because they were surrounded by antique objects and middle-aged set, with a full array of sound and lighting effects. It gives you and your mates a complex experience where each one of you must be active! Many of the logistical tasks can only be solved by the combined skills, teamwork, and communication of all the group members.

How can I get help during the game?
If a team doesn't know how to take the next step in the game, we have a unique way of providing help. In this case, the team will need to complete a series of easier tasks.

How long does a game take?
You and you mates have 60 minutes to complete the mission. Before you enter the pirate room, the game master will give you some tips and explain the rules. At the end of your adventure, you can have a memorable team photo taken! Past photos can be seen at Facebook site: www.facebook.com/escapepirateroom

What happens if there is not enough time to complete the mission?
Generally, the game master will let the team out, but in some cases it is possible to get extra time to complete the mission.


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